(It’s a Wrap!)Workplace Shenanigans Story/Rant….

My first experience in the “corporate world” left a bad impression on me, it reminded me of Jr High, immature games and competitions. In order to maintain my sanity, I would blast my music in my headphones on break, I created a “safe space” until the clock hit nine.
I couldn’t picture myself walking into that environment everyday, regardless of the money. I felt as though I was going backwards, watching adults steal leads from one another, competing for crumbs. The supervisor reminded me of a third grade teacher, he didn’t seem to mind the so-called “friendly competition” which was FAAAR from friendly. As long we reached our daily quota, he was happy, and “team morale” was NOT a priority. It’s all about the MONEY, until we didn’t receive our commission money on time, as a matter of fact, it was MONTHS late, then it was WAR!
The air became thicker, and thicker by the week, and when we had team meetings, I’d be sure NOT to contribute a word. When I was called upon by the Supervisor, I’d shake my head, NO and give the “I’m GOOOOD” face. I waited patiently for the meeting to be over, and hoped the commission drama would end without a strike. By the time we received our monies owed, I was 100 percent sure it was time to go!
On my last day. I silently left, with no announcement. I didn’t need the goodbye party from a bunch of fake people who hate each other. Folks usually aren’t happy for you when you  move on to something better, they tend to be jealous, but hide it under a fake smile…I did meet a few people who are dear friends to me to this day. I considered that the best I got out of my experience.
As I walked out the front doors I thought to myself, “It’s a WRAP!” and I felt as light as a feather. I knew in my heart I was ready for a better way, working from home, building my own home office. It was time for a  big change, the toxic office set me on new path, it was the encouragement I needed. I probably wouldn’t have explored my options had I not went though all of that. Regardless of  what you do to make a living, your energy is priceless, know when it’s time to go!


~Dawn Lovely Follow me @ :https://twitter.com/iamdawnlovely ,https://t.co/wfctLWHJ1W


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