Red Light? Green Light? No?!(Impatience)….

Remember in kindergarten learning “Look both ways before you cross the street!”? Those words will never leave me, they are permanently embedded in my subconscious. One of life’s safety lessons that are most important for survival. I loved kindergarten for that reason. I couldn’t wait to get out in the world and cross the street on own, that beautiful feeling of independence.

A child’s mind is so precious, I actually thought all the cars would abide by the rules, ALL of the time. Red means STOP, Yellow means WAIT and green means GO! Simple as that. I loved looking out the car window anticipating them changing. The rules seemed fun, but I understood that rules were rules, meant to be followed. Our safety is always MOST important. Unfortunately you grow up, and receive a rude awakening. The first time I saw a car run a red light I was shocked! I could not understand why they would do that, it’s dangerous!!!

So I guess following the rules or the law is an option? My innocent mind equated it to that. Adults do not follow basic rules and regulations. Nowadays crossing the road almost feels like a death wish. People are so impatient! If you live in the city you may be able to relate. I find myself rushing across the road on a green light, because a car is moving up on me. I feel as though I’m in the way! It’s ready to turn and coming full speed, it feels as though we are racing! I could ignore it and walk slow, but my instincts tell me to move quick! I do not trust that my fellow motorist will not hit me. I know too many people who’ve been hit this way, simply because of IMPATIENCE. Nothing more or less. We’ve changed the rules to, “It’s all about MY time”.

I raise my hand to Thank drivers who wait for me to cross. I appreciate that they value my life enough to wait ten seconds. It’s sad to say that a little patience means that much to me.


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