The Worst Customers(Labour Day)…..

How did you spend your Labour Day?

I didn’t do much today but clean, chill out and write. Most places are closed anyways, and I’m happy for the day off. I don’t usually go out because I just don’t feel the need to. I’ll spend time with family if they have the time, if not, I spend time alone and relax. Another reason I don’t go out, is that holidays/long weekends can bring out the worst in people, and Toronto is no exception. There were a few shootings unfortunately, my cousin was a witness to one, and suffered a minor injury. This shooting was major, but I didn’t ask about the details. I was annoyed even to hear about it. Going to a party, concert or gathering is a major risk on this holiday. I’m embarrassed to say that. Staying safe and sound is the goal…..

I had to run to store at dark, the only convenience store open around here. As I cashed out the young man at the register, who’s family runs the store, said something that I found extremely ironic. As I asked my total, he was quickly serving another customer, who quickly dashed out of the store. He apologized for not paying me proper attention, and said that people out there are the worst! Then he told me that this holiday brings out the WORST in people. I told him that I understand, and people think you owe them something. Because of the type of store this is, the expect you to do everything for them. In actuality, we NEED this store, and should Respect the folks who run it.

He asked me where I was from, and said that I was “different” and had Respect and manners. I said good night and thought to myself, hmmm….isn’t Labour Day meant to honour workers??? Why treat our fellow worker that way on this holiday??? SMH


~Dawn Lovely

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