My Calm Within The Chaos (Part 1)…..

Listening to Jazz on my commute to work, always calms my nerves and helps me cope with crowds, that are sometimes unforgiving. Having the back of your heels stepped on repeatedly, and I don’t mean “high heels” I mean, your heel. It ends up coming out of the back of your shoe, twice in the morning, and twice on the way home! I choose not to turn around and see who did it, and if they’ll apologize. People usually do, but who has the time?? I know it is not deliberate, and people don’t even realize they did it, so I treat it like a brush of my shoulder. If I didn’t I’d hold a lot of anger inside, which turns into stress…..

My Sony headphones didn’t even last a year, because I throw them on and off at least twenty times during my travels. The wire is broken and the sound is distorted, so I hold the wire, twist and turn it to hear that lovely jazz…Until I can afford new ones!

Anything to stay calm, and block out the chaos!

Stay tuned for Part Two:)


~Dawn Lovely

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