Slipping and Falling……

Today was said to have been an ice storm that started early in the morning and ended in the evening. I must confess, that I slipped and fell on the ground! But it was okay, I broke my fall by landing with both my hands behind me, before I hit the cold icy ground. I Thank my mother (RIP) for putting me in skating lessons, because I learned different techniques on how to fall. Those instincts always kick in when you most need it, and as I almost hit the ground many thoughts ran through my mind….I haven’t fell outside in winter in years, why did I wear my Airwalk boots instead of my winter soldier survival boots!??, If somebody saw me, Oh Well! I’m glad I’m not hurt. I had no idea how bad the weather was going to be, and I’m always sure to check the weather report before I leave. It didn’t mention that an intense hailstorm was coming. I was unprepared, but had to continue walking on the snowy, thick icy ground to catch my GoBus, hoping I didn’t get caught up by the black ice. I had to walk slooooow, and I usually walk fast, because I like to be early as possible to prevent myself from being late.


~Dawn Lovely

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