We Have What We Need…..

Why can’t people simply put their garbage down the garbage chute, instead of leaving it on the floor???I take a big breath and give myself ten seconds, to help prevent me from becoming angry. I am easily triggered by unnecessary mess, especially when it’s in a common, public space that everyone needs to use. I’m very disgusted and disappointed each and every time I see it. We are a “civilized” society with a very advanced waste disposal system. Even with all of the building notices, and hand written notices by tenants and superintendent warnings posted, folks still don’t do what is required of them. We don’t have much work to do expect bagging and putting out the garbage, according to basic guidelines. It never seizes to amaze me, that regardless of the “type” of building, I see the same laziness. The chute is very easy to use, and very convenient, even a four year old can use it with ease. My four year old nephew loves to help me throw the garbage down the chute. I don’t want him to turn the handle by himself, but he always goes on ahead and tries to do it on his own. He finds it fun, as little children find learning to do chores fun. So I allow him to help, because it encourages good habits he’ll need when he’s older. Even he understands that there should not be any bags of garbage on the floor, and helps me push them down the chute without hesitation. I laugh at his enthusiasm and innocence, because he takes it very seriously as though it was his job. Four year olds are awesome, but I digress….

So, as a civilization, we have what we need to live, so it baffles me that the more advanced we become, the lazier we allow ourselves to become. Maybe I’m wrong, this is just an observation, and the garbage chute is only one example. Have you ever seen trash thrown on the ground outside, literally ONE foot away from the trash can? Or trash thrown directly beside the trash can?? I find that absolutely ridiculous, unless the wind blew it there, how come they didn’t simply drop it in? Here in Toronto, we even have trash cans that have a valve that you can step on, to avoid touching the flap with your hands. Very, very convenient! I just noticed that the other day, now I use that valve all of the time. I have more to say on this topic, to be continued…

Rest well and have a good night,


~Dawn Lovely

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