We Have What We Need(Part 2)…..

Last year I watched a few documentaries regarding the crisis in Venezuela. I was aware of what was going on over there, but seeing it was another story. Watching footage of the grocery stores empty, a low toilet paper supply was a big wake up call. Some of the people stated, “They never expected that it would come to this”. They were not expecting to have to leave their home, and live on the streets with their children. They didn’t expect to only have enough to feed their toddler once a day. Their access to the basics changed, items like milk, eggs and bread no longer available. Their environment became chaotic, and unlivable. At this point in time, for many, obtaining basic needs rules their daily existence.

We’ve all been guilty of taking our daily bread for granted. I grew up and have only lived in Toronto and the”GTA” so I am accustomed to certain standard of living. Whether you are penny pinching or thriving in this economy, you expect to wake up and be able to purchase the basics from your neighborhood corner store.

I am relieved every time I step out of the shower after a long day. My stress and troubles are eased away in addition to being clean. I couldn’t imagine not having that luxury, and I do not take it for granted. If tomorrow you woke up without access to clean running water, you would think about yesterday when you had that water. If you didn’t mop your floor or wash your dishes, you would be yearning for that water to flow from your faucet.

We have what we need to live, life is simpler once you realize that. We have what we need to live, so use what you have now to do what you’re supposed to do.

Have a safe and productive Saturday:)


~Dawn Lovely

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