(Cont’d)Shame&Hunger🍞🙁 Pains…..

I remember a very important and inspiring statement said by a famous singer in an interview. I won’t quote her, but she spoke about healing from trauma brought on by her tumultuous divorce. The betrayal from her husband hurt her to a point where it was affecting her physical health. She grew up in poverty and many a time, did not have lunch to bring to school. She said dealing with being hungry as a child pales in comparison to her current pain. Her analogy touched my soul because it was true, I could relate. I’ve used it as a point of reference over the years.

Getting through the hard times is inevitable, I just need to remind myself to be easier on myself. The hunger Pains won’t last long, their only natural. Shame comes from trying to hide them, and there is no reason to feel the need to hide them. There is no shame in hunger Pains. Stay tuned for my next post.

Good Night 🙂


Dawn Lovely

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