🙄A Friend Request…..

You were never the shy type, always outspoken, never mincing words when speaking your mind. I admired that about you. I actually thought you were a meaner dude, until I got the chance to get to know you. You were definitely not who they say you were. Throughout your personal struggles, your words mattered to me more than their opinions about you. I had your back through it all even though I didn’t understand your addiction. I was a trooper through it all, until I had to let go. I accepted that you were not ready to accept help and support, even from me. I had to let go, you weren’t the same person anymore, you told me. I finally accepted the truth.

Last year when you called me, I answered. We always had a genuine connection, and I dreamt you the night before out of the blue, so I knew I was going to hear from you. I could only say so much about myself, but I was delighted to tell you about the dream I had about you, it was positive. You looked healthy and happier.

I’m not sure if you got what you wanted out of our awkward conversation. I did sense that you didn’t expect me to be different. You seemed to be stuck on who you used to know.

I wasn’t bothered after hanging up, I guess because I no longer had expectations of you. It took me years and years to come to peace with who you became, and I did miss the old you.

I happened to check my Facebook and your “friend” request took me by surprise. A friend request does not change where we stand in reality but sure, I’ll add you…..

Stay tuned for my next post, Good night and Good sleep:)

Love and Respect,

~Dawn Lovely

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